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Launch of a Used Car Buyer’s Guide

HPI provider of the HPI Check is helping used car buyers get it right, when it comes to parting with their hard earned money, with the launch of its digital HPI Used Car Buyer’s Guide.

Make Sure Your Dream Car Is A Safe Car

HPI highlights the danger of buying a Category B insurance write-off.

King Of Scrappage Takes On The Bangers

As the best selling car under the scrappage scheme, Hyundai’s i10 has been responsible for the destruction of 20,000 ‘bangers’. James Baggott, the editor of Car Dealer Magazine, decided to see if the scrap cars could take their revenge.

Beware A Write-Off Masquerading As A Bargain

BBC1’s The One Show this week has highlighted the ongoing threats facing used car buyers and reported how vehicle checks, including the HPI Check, can help buyers avoid buying a written off vehicle masquerading as the perfect used car.

Don’t Write Off An Insurance Write-Off

HPI Calls for Car Buyers to be Vigilant but to keep an Open Mind.

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