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Peterborough Car, Commercial & Scrap Vehicle Breakers & Dismantlers

Car Breakers in Peterborough

We cover the Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia and surrounding area (sometimes Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and also Rutland), broadly within a radius of approximately 50 miles. We are always interested in accident damaged, MOT failures and non-running cars, vans, motorbikes and large commercial vehicles, as well as 4×4’s, trailers, caravans, motorhomes and even horse boxes!

Scrapping Your Car or Van – The Law!

Car Breaker in Peterborough

If you vehicle is being scrapped (as opposed to being repaired and re-sold/re-used on the road or broken up for spares), then it is your responsibility to use an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Scrap vehicles contain hazardous waste which, obviously. has to be disposed of carefully. If you use an illegal website then you could […]

Scrapping Your Vehicle

Car Breakers Peterborough

Under UK legislation (for environmental reasons) it is not possible to simply take in a car and crush it, firstly you must remove all hazardous materials, such as tyres, batteries and fluids, including engine oil, petrol and brake fluid. A vehicle scrapping process will include the following; All fluids drained (including oil (engine and gearbox), […]

Car Insurance Write Off Advice

Peterborough Car Salvage

Be wary of buying a motor vehicle written off by an insurance company. There’s nothing wrong in buying a written off car, providing you do so with your eyes wide open and with professional advice, knowing the downsides of doing so. Depending on the extent of the damage and cost of repairing the car, will […]

How To Scrap Your Car or Van

Peterborough Car Breakers

With the advent of the internet (and Google) it is now much easier disposing of your car, van or motorcycle once it has reached its end of life. Gone are the days where you drive to your local breakers yard (usually via a dirt track off the local industrial estate), hand over the keys and […]

UK Road Traffic Accident Statistics

Car Breakers Peterborough

The total number of fatalities on UK roads continues to fall, compared with 2012 figures and drastically down compared with published results from the 1980s. 2013 recorded the lowest number of deaths since records began (in 1926). The number of people killed peaked in 1966 at 7985. It is a testament to the UK that, […]

New Vehicle Recycling Scheme To Benefit Charity

Peterborough Car Breaker

BEN, the automotive industry’s dedicated charity, has today announced the launch of its latest campaign for the ‘Give a Scrap’ scheme. The initiative is an opportunity to dispose of any unwanted or unusable vehicles and then donate the residual value to BEN. This is particularly relevant to all Retailers, MOT Stations, Repairers and Service Centres where customers often request disposal of these vehicles on their behalf.

Is Your Repair Up To Scratch?

BBC One’s ‘Don’t Get Done Get Dom’ and vehicle information expert, HPI, are raising the issue of dodgy repairs to accident damaged cars. The latest programme* revealed that some vehicles, which are repaired and put back on the road, are not always as good as new, impacting its resale value and causing concern for owners. HPI, the provider of www.hpicheck.com, joins Dom Littlewood in demystifying ‘the insurance write-off’.

HPI Highlights The Threat of Buying An Insurance Write-Off

BBC Radio 5 Live show investigates the dangers of write-offs being patched up and sold back to unsuspecting buyers.

Don’t Get Stung By An Insurance Write-Off

625 cars a day* checked by HPI are revealed as being an insurance write-off, posing a risk to used car buyers.

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